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The accounts and credit management functions in ABS help to establish and maintain positive customer relationships. The system enables credit controllers to respond promptly to overdue customer accounts. The accounts team are given a complete history of each account, ensuring consistent communication and a perception of professionalism, no matter who is dealing with the customer.

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Credit Management

All functions are seamlessly integrated in real time with the advertising system, as they share a common database, ensuring instant and accurate actioning of credit control procedures. Facilities are available to view customer orders at all life-cycle stages, such as waiting to appear; appeared but not invoiced; invoiced but not paid; in query; settled; archived. The customer invoice information details what action has been taken, who has been involved with the transaction from the booking date, including the physical advert PDF.



Reduce debtor days

Query management is another high profile area. Transactions in query have an adverse affect on cash flow and so often, apart from the loss of goodwill, queries cause days outstanding to increase and future advertising to be put on hold. The system not only provides facilities to inform on the level and reason for queries, but also the ability to target and monitor the reasons responsible, with prompt query resolution.

Create overdue campaigns

An automatic credit control workflow is available, enhanced by a system diary that integrates with the debt chasing tools. The system provides a window to browse and work-on overdue accounts, and all relevant information is displayed, whilst the system automatically records the actions taken. Credit chasing campaigns can be easily created to overcome an increase in debt and can be based on various criteria, including the number of days overdue, amount overdue or percentage of account credit limit used. The accounts identified by these campaigns are then automatically allocated to credit controllers for attention. 

Dynamic reporting on overdue accounts

The system dynamically seeks out and informs of any accounts that have failed to meet your pre-defined conditions. These accounts are allocated to credit controllers and are clearly identified in a tree-view display in an appropriate account type and chasing step hierarchy. All relevant details that are required to quickly evaluate the condition of an account and act accordingly are provided, including; the credit history, account details, unsettled items, query history, sequence history and credit statistics graphs. Allowances, customer queries and all communication with the account holder can be recorded and any planned future contact with the customer can be managed via the diary. Future credit control activities and changing an account’s credit status can also be managed, to stop or suspend future advert booking, for example.

Shared workflow

Responsibility for handling a customer account can be temporarily passed from credit control to a manager. The manager, like the credit controller, can view comments regarding the account, alongside the chronological record of the systems actions, enabling quick evaluation of the credit history of the account together with the current credit state. The manager can then add comments and pass back to the original credit controller for day to day management.