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Free Distribution 

Paid For Distribution

Retail Supply

The Free Distribution & Leaflet Sales module manages distribution of free publications to post code areas and includes back checking to monitor quality as well as wages calculations and payments. Leaflet Sales presents the opportunity to generate revenue using the same network of deliverers; leaflets can be both solos and inserted into the publication.  

Direct Distribution

Subscriptions & Canvassing


The Free Distribution and Leaflet Sales module provides the publisher with a comprehensive distribution mechanism for doorstep delivery of free publications and leaflet drops. From '€˜one off'€™ local community distributions to large advertising national campaigns, these can be solos or publication inserts. 

Where the number of copies exceeds the required post code sectors the Best Advantage function provides an automated mechanism for deciding where best to distribute the remaining copies. Rounds can be made up using a variety of methods including Postcode Sectors, Demographics classifications and radius searches. A number of distribution costing methods are available, these include cost/1,000, target quantity etc. 

Previously constructed round lists are saved as Distribution Areas making them available should the client wish to place a repeat order. Distribution jobs with known periodicity can be set up by date, to create repeat distribution jobs. Wages processing calculates payments for all employees and can include expenses, deductions, National Minimum Wage, holiday pay as well as coinage analysis for cash paid employees. 

Employee holiday changes are easily accommodated and automatically reversed afterwards. The quality of distribution is monitored using the Back Checking mechanism and the customer complaints logging and analysis tools. This reduces wasted copies and helps manage customer satisfaction. 

A wide variety of third party interfaces enables NCS to be integrated with Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) systems, Telephone Preference Service, most mailroom equipment, third party accounting and payroll systems, mapping systems and report writers. Should customers prefer, invoices can be produced from within NCS rather than the NCS Sales Ledger accounting system.