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Paid for Distribution 

When it comes to circulation and distribution solutions, publishers are starting to demand more out of their systems. As a result, these solutions are being required to perform more tasks, provide more information and integrate more seamlessly with other software packages than ever before.  The '€˜Paid For Distribution - Retail Supply'€™ module of NCS provides circulation managers with a powerful set of tools that ensure an efficient distribution workflow that manages the supply to wholesalers and retailers. NCS offers comprehensive order, returns and allowance controls, along with flexible agent discounts. Other benefits include rapid distribution runs, predictive supply, returns scanning, invoicing and management reporting.

Direct Distribution

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The Paid For module holds supply information for all wholesaler and retail outlets and this can be quickly modified by applying 'Box Outs'€™ and '€˜Extras'€™. A Predictive Supply function enables continuous modification of supplies via an ongoing 'intelligent learning'€™ process based on previous supplies, ensuring a high level of availability whilst minimising waste. 

Rapid distribution processing improves cut off deadlines, allowing for late changes virtually up to print deadline, giving circulation managers more opportunities to maximise on sales.  NCS enables complete management of retailers, supplies, distribution and sales accounts for daily, weekly and periodical titles. Pricing is entered at publication/edition/day level so that it's possible to vary the cover price on a daily basis if required.

Comprehensive order, returns and allowance controls, along with flexible agent categories and discounts provide powerful tools for applying discounts, box outs and reporting. Following distribution, returns are easily scanned into NCS to complete the information required for net billing. Unlike other systems, supply information is '€˜projected'€™ a configurable number of weeks forward. 

This enables temporary changes, such as holidays, to be made without having to remember to reverse the change afterwards. A wide variety of third party interfaces enables NCS to be integrated with Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) systems, Telephone Preference Service, most mailroom equipment, third party accounting and payroll systems, mapping systems and report writers. Should customers prefer, invoices can be produced from within NCS rather than from the third party accounting system.