Knowledge Prospect
Advertising Sales & Customer Management platform.

An advertising sales and customer management platform giving control to managers, finance, classified and field sales teams.

This is cutting edge technology, making the most of the publishers data to inform sales objectives, KPI’s, up-selling opportunities, time and revenue management.

Key Features

Reduce Administration

Amazon style basket

Browser Based

Remove processes and manual tasks that
take up valuable time for both sales staff
and administration teams.

An Amazon style basket for orders and invoicing removes duplication and streamlines revenue management.
Work anywhere, anytime and on
any device.

Business Analysis


User Interface

Set or monitor key performance indicators, produce management reports and get a real time picture of the business right now.
Supports the generation of classified and template display adverts. Allows users to re-book, amend, purchase pre-paid credit and create both private and trade advertisements.
Highly customisable for individual
business needs and fully adaptive
based on job function.

Customer Profile

Improved Customer Relationships

Built for the Future

Single Source of Customer Account details via a shared “Customer card”
- All activity, history and functions surrounding a customer are accessible in one place.
Knowledge Prospect is built to be adaptable to industry needs now and in the future. It is developed by an established industry organisation that will continue to work on enhancing the platform and will be around for
many years to come.

Knowledge Prospect can be used in isolation or as part of a wider Knowledge workflow to support the whole publishing business.

Being browser based Knowledge Prospect enables:
  • More time in the field for sales teams
  • Users to have key customer and territory data in the plam of their hands.
  • Up-selling, customer life-cycle and relationship management
  • Improved time management with route planning tools
  • Remote communication removing the need for unnecessary office time.
To learn more watch our Knowledge Prospect introduction video:

Use the interactive workflow below to learn about the different modules of Knowledge and understand how they can work together:

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