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Self Service is one module of the all new print-digital advertising solution from PCS which is coming soon. Knowledge Prospect will be transforming the approach to advertising sales and ad management. 

Self Service is available 24 x 7.

Self Service

Print & Digital Advertising

Assist prompt payment


Credit Management

Additionally, Self Service provides the means to directly email invoices, statements & reminders to customers, as a PDF document, rather than physically print and post them, to attract prompt payment as well as reducing costs. Secure customer access is enabled via their email address, account number and either an associated URN (for casual customers) or invoice reference. Subsequent ongoing access is via entry of email address and password, making multiple logins for corporate/agency customers possible.

The powerful 'My account' view shows the customer a breakdown of account transactions over a date range of their choosing, with the option to hide those invoices that have already been settled. Colour coded transaction stats allow overdue invoices to be readily identified. 



Integration with accounts and credit control

Customers can raise a query directly from the web site which is automatically transferred in to the ABS Query Suite, available for scrutiny and formal processing by the accounts/credit control team.

Customers can customise how they want to receive their documents in future, and also have the facility to pay outstanding invoices from the 'My Account'€™ screen' via secure online e-banking vendor service. Alternatively they can request a copy of the PDF document.

Advertisement proofing

The 'My Adverts' view shows a tiled display of adverts as JPEG thumbnails. Selecting a thumbnail displays the advert as a full PDF. The option to view the associated invoice(s) is also provided so the customer can see exactly what they have been charged for.

A comprehensive audit of all customer payments and requests for copy documents is maintained and available for the accounts team to manage.