5 top tips for doing more with less.

In the year that the floppy disk was introduced, storing and being able to easily move assets became a reality. Clearly things have moved on significantly since then and the most valuable item publishers have is their content. Storing this content efficiently within the right asset management system enables publishers to make the most out of their assets during a time when workflow efficiencies are paramount.

Whether you are making the decision to launch a new title or keep an existing one at the top of its game, using the right technology will make all the difference. Here are our top tips for doing more with less:

  1. Move from physical to cloud storage. Free up server space and make sure content can be accessed from anywhere, yet is fully secure.
  2. Enable shared access to facilitate all the benefits of collaboration. This facilitates remote working, reporting directly from the field and gives you access to the best talent regardless of location. It can also enable the benefits of outsourcing.
  3. Increase capacity so there are no restrictions on scalability. Never worry about bottlenecks at key deadline times, give your team all the bandwidth they need to unleash their creativity. Get your content where you want it quickly and efficiently.
  4. Put in place intelligent search mechanisms to make the most of your assets, so they can be located and used – no more labeling, confusion through misfiling and non-compliant naming conventions
  5. Work with a tech partner to ensure the full potential of your workflow management is achieved. Ensure they are trusted, work within your sector, have the right IT infrastructure, security, and support to match your needs. What’s more, make sure you like the team!

Still, want more tips on how to do more with less? We’ve got six strategies to help publishers be more productive? Click here to access the eBook

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