Streamline workflows

Do your teams want to be released from the binds of their office desk?

Do you want to reduce your
IT infrastructure costs whilst increasing security
and reliability?

Do you wish to use automation to increase creativity and productivity?

The Partnership Approach.

If the answer to all these questions is yes, and the following pages have you feeling inspired then why not learn more about how our customers benefit from choosing PCS as their publishing technology partner. 

PCS customers benefit from a partnership approach to their business needs. The entire portfolio of products from PCS support what our customers want now and in the future. We encourage collaboration by enabling our customers to share services; ideal for areas such as subbing and ad production, our users benefit from cost savings and a reduction in overheads.

Our Solutions and How They Deliver Results.

PCS is a leading software development organisation that has been serving the publishing industry for 45 years. Its in-house developed portfolio of solutions facilitates efficiencies across editorial, advertising and circulation workflows for multi-channel newspaper and magazine publishers. 

In partnership with customers, PCS continuously develop their solutions to ensure they are fit for today and the future. Every day, PCS solutions support the creation of over 10,000 articles across print and digital for large and independent publishers. As part of the commitment to general data protection regulation (GDPR), PCS also offer secure UK data centres where systems and content can be hosted. 


The entire PCS product portfolio spanning editorial, advertising and circulation workflows has been developed by a dedicated team, based at PCS's main office in the West Midlands. When implementing new solutions, it can be very easy for publishers to adopt an ineffective replacement approach without realising it. Instead, PCS help publishers adopt a change management approach, working closely with them to help define a desired vision.

That vision will deliver positive transformation, which is fulfilled through the implementation of our technology. PCS take time understanding and analysing customers current ways of working. The team make informed recommendations, based on the functionality of our technology. Ultimately, helping to implement change and deliver the desired efficiencies and growth opportunities publishers need to create.

Want to learn more about our solutions?

Want to learn more about our solutions?


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We also take GDPR seriously...

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