Agile Working

The invention of the mobile phone was revolutionary and we have progressed from brick style “I’m on the train” handsets, to sleek pieces of modern design that seem to do everything.

The ability to communicate from wherever you are has changed the dynamics of publishing no end. Journalists can report from the field, sales teams can access booking systems remotely and the concept of 9-5 working has shifted dramatically to an essentially always on mindset.

Nobody knows where the next 45 years will take mobile technology but artificial intelligence, smart apps and voice activated technology are certainly right up there.

What is key for modern day publishers is the knowledge that you can produce your magazine or newspaper from wherever you are, whenever you need to in a collaborative environment. Whatever external issues are thrown at us, the show must go on and readers must have access to the latest content in whatever way they like to digest it.

Newsquest experienced just this when they were hit by a flood which knocked out all internet, phone and network connections. Using Knowledge Publish outside of the flooded area, the 40-page paper made it to print despite none of the team being in the same location or able to directly contact each other.

Be agile with PCS . . . #Remoteworking#MobileTechnology#KnowledgePublish

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