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An organised team is a creative team.

Post it notes – you’ve got to love them and all they can offer. They can remind you of things, highlight important information, act as movable parts of diagrams, mark specific items and no end of useful functions. The new breed of project management solutions now offer electronic post it notes, which take the humble paper version into the next generation.

Organisation within the publishing workflow is key to efficiency, productivity and creativity. If everyone knows what they are doing and as many manual tasks as possible are automated, it allows teams to concentrate on what they are good at. Having real time cross-department collaboration between advertising and editorial teams creates a seamless workflow that unleashes full creative potential.

Having teams work on platforms that are integrated means there is no clunky procedures that can lead to disorganisation and a true global view is achievable. This offers dynamic planning with templates, live flat plans and commercially driven pagination decisions.

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