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Can virtualisation offer an ideal world

We have already ascertained in our last blog that creating once and publishing anywhere is the way forward. However, how do you ensure all content is managed, stored and accessed efficiently?

With the increased reliability of the cloud, creating a virtual content hub is an easy way to facilitate your team accessing assets from wherever they are.

Reporters are not tied to the office and in fact, remote working can be a reality for anyone. It is therefore irrelevant whether you are publishing for print or digital, as content can be accessed and pushed out seamlessly.

The concept of virtualisation also gives you the opportunity to assess whether any of your workflow processes, such as subbing and ad production, can be carried out by third parties.

This offers the opportunity to reduce overheads, whilst placing your work with trusted virtual teams who can have direct access to your content hub.

What’s more, if you have a large team of staff you could consider whether you can add to your revenue streams by taking on additional work from smaller publishers.

If you are looking to create an ideal world scenario, then talk to PCS.

We are currently working with key magazine and newspaper publishers to do just that, so please contact us on: 01902 374757 or email us on:

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