PropertyNet helps Santa recruit little helpers!

Don’t be fooled by the name of our data-driven, automatic production platform ‘Property Net.’ Yes, it’s historically been used for the creation of property advertisement, enabling estate agents to create brand-consistent adverts. However, this week it has helped Midland News Association’s (MNA) Express and Star newspaper create an eight-page supplement, displaying a whole host of … Read more

It used to be six degrees of separation, but are we now seamlessly connected?

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we got thinking about relations, connections, links, partnerships – i.e. anything where one is joined to another in a seamless manner. Many people will have heard the term ‘six degrees of separation’. It’s a theory that was first proposed in the late 1920s by a Hungarian writer, Frigyes Karinthy. It … Read more

5 benefits of ditching the office desk and working remotely.

The phrase “working nine-to-five” is so dated it is now largely limited to Dolly Parton fans who like to frequent karaoke bars. Today’s employees are leaving behind the rigid schedules followed by their parents and are enjoying life at the “anywhere office” where they have the flexibility to work remotely – meaning they are happier … Read more

Reach your customers whatever the weather…

It’s Winter and there are always threats of inclement bad weather that can at times bring the UK to a grinding halt. Whilst the thought of a cosy day at home not being able to get to work is often appealing, it doesn’t help when copy deadlines are looming, pages need to be finished and … Read more

45 is the magic number

Just in case you have missed the news, PCS turn 45 in November. As well as looking how far the industry has come since 1973, we’ve also been examining the number 45. Here are some fun facts for you that might just win you a quiz point one day – In geometry, the name of … Read more

5 top tips for doing more with less.

In the year that the floppy disk was introduced, storing and being able to easily move assets became a reality. Clearly things have moved on significantly since then and the most valuable item publishers have is their content. Storing this content efficiently within the right asset management system enables publishers to make the most out … Read more