Pitch Perfect – How to sell to different personality types


We all know that everyone is different, and to create a good sales pitch you must understand the company you are pitching to, and the person on the other side of that desk.

If you look around your office, you will see a big mixture of personality types. While there are some that like a no-nonsense and upfront approach to selling, there are others that want to get to know the customer, form a relationship and then start their pitch.

Why small changes can lead to big results for publishers

Stack of Magazines

In the past it felt like changes at work tended to happen over months, and even years.
There would be meetings to discuss meetings, decisions were deliberated at length and answers were arrived at after a long and laborious effort.

Then Covid-19 arrived and thing changed dramatically. The idea that time should be taken over vital decisions within a company were brushed aside, with action being taken within days, and sometimes hours.

Six Personas That Can Affect Productivity

Office Environment

It’s not surprising that some of us are apprehensive about the idea of going back into the office after a long spell at home. It may not be because of tackling the daily commute, or the crowded trains and buses – although these are things we certainly haven’t missed. It’s the worry about having to do extra hours, just to get the same level of work done because of interruptions from our colleagues.

10 Reasons Why Employees Want to Carry on Flexible Working

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For years people have battled for flexible working conditions, and employers were starting to let go of the reins very, very slowly.

In those days (you know, way back in 2019) it was considered a perk if you could work part of your week from home. If you were offered flexible working it gave you the feeling you were joining a company that was modern, dynamic, and almost futuristic in their way of thinking

PropertyNet helps Santa recruit little helpers!

Don’t be fooled by the name of our data-driven, automatic production platform ‘Property Net.’ Yes, it’s historically been used for the creation of property advertisement, enabling estate agents to create brand-consistent adverts. However, this week it has helped Midland News Association’s (MNA) Express and Star newspaper create an eight-page supplement, displaying a whole host of … Read more