Be Safe, Be Sure.

As a nation we tend to only notice things when they go wrong, especially when it comes to IT. How many people have realised when their Internet is down just how much they rely on email, social media, search engines, browsers etc to get through a ten minutes time period?! Think car manufacturers . . … Read more

The King is not dead, long live the king!

Content, that is what it’s all about really. Without content you have nothing to publish and without anything to publish you have no publishers, fake news or not. The identification and generation of content is the role of the journalist and whilst that role is ever changing, the fundamentals are not. The floppy disk brought … Read more

Top tips for publishers – driving automation to increase productivity without the need for F1 budget

Fast cars, and fast publishing. If you’re a publisher with several monthly or weekly publications, looking to increase productivity, check out our up-coming breakfast briefing with the PPA (Click the link for more information.) The 2019 FIA Formula One season begins this month and it got us thinking. No, not thinking about the racing, the … Read more

Remote working

When Pink Floyd released Dark Side of the Moon in 1973, I bet they never thought that people would be listening to their music wherever they were with no physical restraints and probably free of charge! Here at PCS we feel a bit the same . . . when we began developing workflow solutions for … Read more

Agile Working

The invention of the mobile phone was revolutionary and we have progressed from brick style “I’m on the train” handsets, to sleek pieces of modern design that seem to do everything. The ability to communicate from wherever you are has changed the dynamics of publishing no end. Journalists can report from the field, sales teams … Read more

PCS – Best of British for 45 years

Having been at the forefront of the British publishing industry for 45 years, PCS are always looking ahead to innovating for the future. 2018 has already to off to an exciting start for British publishing with leading regional groups trialing a robot reporting programme called RADAR, developed by the Press Association and funded by Google. … Read more

PCS’s Hannah gives a lot for Give a Lyttle!

Our Marketing Manager last week took part in a 30-mile walk to raise funds for Isabella’s Neurobalstoma Journey. Ten year old Isabella was just three and a half years old when she was diagnosed with this rare cancer and has since undergone a gruelling treatment regime, sadly with some setbacks and no certain light at … Read more

PCS Visit The Belfast Telegraph

Marvin Palmer outside the Belfast Telegraph offices, ready to get started.The PCS Product Specialist for Circulation, Marvin Palmer, recently returned from a trip to Ireland to train the Belfast Telegraph team on circulation management solution NCS. His trip timed perfectly with the impending Hurricane Brian, so imagine his relief when finding an umbrella roof during … Read more

What keeps you up at night? – Data Security (5/5)

Your data is valuable, so the resilience of your network is crucial. Whether you are hosting your own network or using a third party, you need to ensure that the right encryption, back up and replication takes place. By partnering with an organisation that has that robust infrastructure in place and can look after your … Read more

Going the extra 500 miles…. Continued

Our award winning IT team love going the extra mile (or 500) for our customers. This month two of our team tackled a complex IT infrastructure project requiring simultaneous work across two separate islands. Here are a few pictures of the project. You can see more about their journey to the islands in the blog … Read more