What keeps you up at night? – Revenue (3/5)

Unless you have discovered the elixir of life, you are probably finding it harder to generate revenue from both content and advertising in the digital age. IBISWorld estimates that 20% of magazine industry revenue is provided by advertisers, including both digital and print advertising. With newspapers, it is slightly different as the image below shows. … Read more

What keeps you up at night? (1/5) Productivity.

Creating the right working environment is crucial, so is the ability to be flexible. Content is not best generated by people sitting at desks. Giving your team the ability to file, place and design content remotely via a web browser can improve productivity no end. While it can be difficult to gain an accurate picture … Read more

Going the extra 500 miles…

Our award winning IT team love going the extra mile (or 500) for our customers. This week two of our team are tackling a complex IT infrastructure project requiring simultaneous work across two separate islands. Here are a few pictures of the project so far, as you will see they have been very busy! Watch … Read more

Templating: friend or foe?

Templating is not a new concept and came about as a way to format consistent page layouts in newspapers and magazines. It promises time savings and improved efficiency but has always caused conflict when it comes to creativity. Many feel like creativity is stifled or even removed by use of templates, so we would like … Read more

What keeps you up at night? (2/5) Fake News.

It seems like no one can escape fake news, yet as publishers you are expected to provide your audience with content from trusted sources especially if you are asking them to pay for that content. In the past year, almost half (47%) of consumers have been suspicious that a story they have read may be … Read more

How templating can deliver creativity

The 24th June 2016 was a pretty major one in British history. A majority voted for us to leave the EU, in amongst a media frenzy and the resignation of the Prime Minister David Cameron. The Shropshire Star became one of the very few regional or even national newspapers to offer such extensive coverage of … Read more

Let the hubbing do the subbing

An efficient publishing operation is certainly the name of the game in the current climate. Regional publishers are faced with the task of becoming more streamlined to counterbalance falling ad revenues, whilst building new strategies to embrace the digital revolution. Introducing the new kid on the block – hubbing . . . think outsourcing with … Read more

The missing link

In the last instalment of our current blog series, we talk software. This is what we at PCS feel is the final piece of the jigsaw, the missing link so to speak… If any of the benefits we have highlighted through virtualisation or changes in workflow appeal to you, then software can help facilitate those … Read more

Can virtualisation offer an ideal world

We have already ascertained in our last blog that creating once and publishing anywhere is the way forward. However, how do you ensure all content is managed, stored and accessed efficiently? With the increased reliability of the cloud, creating a virtual content hub is an easy way to facilitate your team accessing assets from wherever … Read more

We can work it out

In the first part of our discussion on key driving forces when changing your editorial processes to reflect the pace of the industry, we will look at workflow. Workflow encompasses the entire way your editorial operation functions. If you get the right procedures in place you can facilitate smoother processes and improved efficiencies by alleviating … Read more