Multiple benefits of templates

How templating can deliver creativity

The 24th June 2016 was a pretty major one in British history. A majority voted for us to leave the EU, in amongst a media frenzy and the resignation of the Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Shropshire Star became one of the very few regional or even national newspapers to offer such extensive coverage of the news on the day it was announced – so just how did it do this?

As one of the biggest selling regional newspapers in the UK, The Shropshire Star publishes three editions from Monday to Saturday with a newsdesk team of five senior journalists.

By creating templates for the front page and eight pages inside, the newspaper was able to wait until the very last minute on the morning of the referendum result to flow the most up to date results, comment, imagery and reaction from the EU Referendum onto its pages.

This, combined with in-house printing facilities, allowed readers of The Shropshire Star to be some of the first to access such detailed coverage in print.

This last minute flexibility and templated workflow was facilitated by the browser based Knowledge Editorial platform from PCS, which also allowed the team to publish a second edition that carried news of David Cameron’s resignation.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of templating please speak to our team.

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