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Internal News: Ken Earl Joins PCS

Having the chance to work with the same technology that the European Space Agency use to map the Milky Way is a dream come true for Ken Earl. 

Ken has joined the team at the leading publishing solutions provider as a database developer, working with technology that is so high-tech it seems out of this world. PCS uses advanced, next-generation versions of technologies that Ken has been working with for around 30 years. “I’ve been keen to work on the updated version of this technology for years.”

“PCS is utilising the same technologies for publishers that empowers the European Space Agency to support the Gaia mission to map the Milky Way with unprecedented precision – that is how amazing this technology is.”

Ken spent most of his working life at Lloyds Bank, where one of his biggest jobs was preparing the computer system for the year 2000. After working with the bank for 20 years he took voluntary redundancy and did a BSc is computer science at Aston University, graduating two years ago.

“I went in as a mature student, aged 45, but it was a great challenge and I really enjoyed the course,” said Ken “Most of my experience had been self or work-taught, but my degree has enabled me to formalise all that experience. Ever since I was 15-years-old I’ve enjoyed working on computers. Then I had a Sinclair ZX81 and I would type code in from magazines in the hope of creating a new computer game. Sometimes it worked, most of the time it didn’t, but it was still exciting trying. Now I code according to what the company needs – I enjoy the challenge of making a computer do what you want it to do and learning new techniques.”

Ken has joined PCS as the company celebrates its 45th successful year providing software solutions to the publishing industry. PCS has established itself as a trusted and reliable publishing technology partner to several media organisations including MNA, Newsquest, Racing Post, DC Thomson, SPP Media Group and Iliffe Media.

Managing director Graeme Clifford, said the company has grown to become an industry leader that is targeting increased growth. “We have a strong history of designing exciting and innovative solutions while ensuring our customers are at the heart of everything we do. While some of our competitors are moving away from the publishing industry, our strong reputation within this sector means we are seeing continued growth year-on-year and it remains our primary focus.

“One way we have achieved our robust reputation is by making sure we have the right people in place, and Ken is joining a fantastic team that will help the business go from strength to strength.”

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