An intelligent portfolio

facilitating collaboration, 

editorial, advertising sales

and customer management.

Knowledge Prospect.

An advertising sales and customer management

platform giving control to managers, finance, classified and field sales teams.

Knowledge Publish

Knowledge Publish.

An editorial and collaboration management platform, enabling a "content first" approach.

Knowledge Publish

Knowledge Pulse.

A browser-based advertising production solution for print and digital that allows bookings to be made, viewed and modified in Adobe InDesign.

Knowledge Publish

Knowledge Plan.

The editorial and advert planning solution

How does Knowledge work?

Knowledge is the portfolio of solutions developed by PCS to enable flexible, remote working. Knowledge enables publishers to design a bespoke workflow by selecting the modules required to achieve their current and future business objectives.

Knowledge can be used as a single module or part of a wider workflow. The diagram below will help you explore how the Knowledge Portfolio works and integrates with other solutions:

PCS - Knowledge Prospect
PCS - Assist
PCS - Plan
PCS - Pulse
PCS - Access
PCS- Multi-Channel Publishing
PCS - Knowledge Publish

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