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News: Promotion for Danni
as PCS invests in its team.

January 2020

Graphic designer Danni Richards said she has secured her dream job after being promoted to Content Marketing Specialist at PCS Publishing.

Danni works within the marketing team at the Midlands-based company, which provides software solutions for publishers, both large and small, across the country. It was seven years ago that Danni joined PCS and she said her skills in graphic design were soon utilised by marketing director Hannah Lloyd.

“I trained in graphic design at school and college because I really enjoyed it, so I knew early on that I wanted to have a career as a graphic designer,” she said. “However, when I looked at going to university, I was unsure if I would be learning anything new as it repeated a lot of what I’d studied at college. I didn’t want to waste three years when I could be out at work getting real-life experience instead. Looking back, it was definitely the right decision, especially as I’ve now landed a fantastic job where I can use my graphic design skills every day.”


Danni joined PCS as a customer support and production assistant for their Property Net system, which focusses on property newspaper advertising. Danni explained: “The solution is great because, with the use of InDesign, we can create templates that can easily be used by estate agents via a browser-based platform. They select their properties from the Property Net database, pick out a design and then, with the use of a drag and drop functionality, it allows them to produce their advert. After a while, I became a key contact for one of our customers.  Although I was heavily invested in Property Net, I was still able to help out with company design requests."

“When Hannah joined PCS and saw the work I was producing, she asked me to help out with the marketing material. This then led to website design and eventually allowed her to assign me as a designer to the marketing team. I focus on keeping the PCS brand consistent across the whole company, as well as aiding the developers with UI/UX design and creating marketing material, eBooks and other external communication.”

Danni said "the flexibility the company offers is worth its weight in gold" as she suffers from Lupus, which is a chronic autoimmune condition that can lead to a range of symptoms including painful joints, fatigue, and rashes. Danni explained: “Lupus mainly affects my joints and skin and it can be very painful at times. Because PCS has a flexible work policy I can work from home when I need to, which personally has made a massive difference.

“At PCS I have the freedom to be creative and use my initiative – they are also a great team of people to work with and we always have a good time. It is great to be part of a supportive, friendly team where my graphic design skills are so highly valued.”

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