Digital Editor offers an increase in efficiency, as stories don’t have to be re-purposed or handled differently whether they are being used digitally or in print. 

Matt Mansell
PCS Product Specialist.

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Interview with our PCS Product Specialist: Matt Mansell.

October 2017.

Today we are chatting to Matt Mansell (Product Specialist – Editorial and digital publishing) about a key feature of Knowledge Publish that will make putting a story online so much easier.

Q: So, what is Digital Editor?

A: Well, it’s a module of Knowledge Publish that enhances the way stories are published digitally to a publisher’s website.

Q: In what way?

A: There are a number of features of this module, including:

  • The ability to embed rich content such as videos, maps and social media directly from the Knowledge browser, as well as make style enhancements according to house style.

  • Content can be published online and sent to print simultaneously, with prompts if digital elements are missing e.g. An image without a caption.

  • Editorial teams can work on the digital or print version of the content at the same time.

  • Stories are packaged, meaning that all content associated with that story is stored with it, such as copy, videos and images.

  • Digital content can be scheduled when and where it will publish live online.


Q: What benefits does this deliver?

A: Digital Editor offers an increase in efficiency, as stories don’t have to be re-purposed or handled differently whether they are being used digitally or in print.  This can allow members of the team to focus their time on other key areas instead.  Content can be kept up to date and fresh more easily, which is of particular benefit if using a subscription based model.

The packaged nature of the content means you can track the history of a story, for example who has used it, revisions made and so on which enables publishers to see what content and when they are publishing it online, to facilitate understanding of their digital presence.

Q: What are publishers using this module for in their everyday workflow?

A:  A prime example is a project we recently worked on with MNA Media.


MNA Media were looking to improve their digital presence, specifically for two websites, that would be hosted by Washington Post’s digital content management system (DCMS) known as Arc Publishing. MNA wanted to be able to create and publish digital content directly from within their existing editorial management system Knowledge Publish onto both The Shropshire Star and Express & Star sites.


MNA worked with PCS, developers of Knowledge Publish, to facilitate integration with Arc Publishing’s DCMS, so content from Knowledge Publish could be fed directly into the website via a digital text editor.  The sites are now live ( and, breaking new ground as the first in the UK to be built and powered by the Washington Post’s own state of the art digital platform.  Already Shropshire Star is uploading 100+ stories a day directly from Knowledge Publish to its site, significantly higher volumes than ever before.

To learn more about how Knowlegde Publish Integrated with Washington Post's Arc publishing for a Midlands News association project .. click here

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