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PCS and PPA announce breakfast briefing.

April 2019

Leading publishing solutions provider, PCS Publishing, will partner with PPA, the voice of professional publishers, to host a breakfast briefing in May.


The theme of the briefing will be productivity, with a focus on maximising productivity for high-frequency publishers.


Moderating the event, which will be held at the PPA’s London office on Wednesday 15th May, will be Sean Briggs, who has worked in publishing for over 30 years, including 20 years at Hearst UK as the Group publishing systems manager.


He will be joined by guest speaker, Hayley Watts, a Productivity Ninja from Think Productive, who works with clients all around the world, and Rich Mansell, Product Manager for PCS, who takes strategic lead designing technology solutions to deliver optimised workflows. 


Simon Weare, development director at PCS, who will also speak at the event, said: “It doesn’t matter what industry you work in as productivity covers a broad range of factors. The key for any business is to analyse their business operation and identify how improvements can be made.


“For the publishers, changing the way you work and putting in the right processes at the right time can kick start the benefits of a truly efficient workflow. Consider what a difference it would make if you could get your publication produced more quickly, more smartly and with the opportunity for it to look better.


“This briefing will be a great opportunity to bring together and share a vast amount of knowledge and experience.”


Hannah Bray, Managing Director, Commercial & Events at the PPA, said: “Productivity is key in any industry, especially so within publishing. With relentless short deadlines it’s essential that publishers have the opportunity to learn about maximising productivity and improving best practice. This breakfast briefing will be a chance to hone in on key business areas of improvement and to gain the knowledge to be able to effectively and efficiently implement change. “


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