19th November 2019, InPublishing Webinar, 2.30pm

5 ways to increase editorial digital & print productivity at the same time

Is your editorial team as productive as it could be? Unless you’ve systematically reviewed your workflows, content management systems, planning & scheduling processes, and team structure and responsibilities, then the chances are that it won’t be.

Within the webinar, Paul Bradley, chief content editor at the NFU told us that if you can simplify, streamline and standardise your processes, you greatly increase the amount of time you can spend on the exciting stuff.

NFU recently embarked on a major process review alongside introducing new publishing systems, and the result has been a significant freeing up of time. We’re not talking about shaving a minute or two here and there, we’re talking about saving multiple workdays a month.

Sponsored by PCS Publishing​

Topics discussed:
  • Planning: Streamline and standardise

  • flat-planning structure.

  • Clarifying workflows: redesigning teams workflows to cut out unnecessary processes

  • Integrating photo sharing allowing multi-media journalists to see-all and know-all. 

  • Always plan for the unknown.

  • Share the problem: Your team hold the answers!

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