A leading provider of data manangement technologies, InterSystems have a worldwide presence, with it's headquarters in Massachusetts. It's robust, scalable, object orientated database sits at the heart of PCS's editorial system, Knowledge.
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Adobe is a leading developer
and provider of creative
and multimedia software
packages. PCS utilise Adobe's technology across it's portfolio to aid content creation, pagination and advert production.
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Dell is a leading provider of technology solutions, services and support. It is PCS's preferred supplier for its hardware infrastructure, notably for PCS's hosting facilities in its secure, geographically diverse data centres.
Creative Workflows is an independent consultancy, headed up by magazine industry veteran Sean Briggs. PCS is working with Creative Workflows to aid it's growth in the magazine publishing sector. Sean is assisting publishers in enhancing their own creative workflows. 
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The Professional Publishers Association represents around 220 companies, ranging from consumer magazine publishers to business-to-business data and information providers, PCS is an Associate Member of the PPA.
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