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Publishing workflows are at the heart of what we do at PCS. Much like genetic engineers, we collaborate, adapt and combine all the best publishing technologies together to deliver solutions that fit your business genes now and in the future.

When Dolly the sheep became the first mammal to be cloned using nuclear transfer, many questioned where things would take us from there. Now such genetics have become the norm and we are accelerating with the next level of advances such as artificial intelligence, self-repairing DNA, 3D printing in medicine and much much more.

Adapting is a skill that the publishing industry has always demonstrated, never more so than now. Content has to be pushed out through a plethora of channels in order to give the audience what they want, how they want it and when they want it. Some teams need to work remotely yet be able to collaborate on titles in real time. Breaking news has to be integrated at the last minute with all output channels reflecting that.

With all this in mind, publishers need to remove unnecessary process from their editorial and advertising workflows to become streamlined, efficient and productive. Content needs to be created once and flowed into the required channels with minimal duplication to create a true multi-channel publishing business.

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