Charity walk

PCS’s Hannah gives a lot for Give a Lyttle!

Our Marketing Manager last week took part in a 30-mile walk to raise funds for Isabella’s Neurobalstoma Journey. Ten year old Isabella was just three and a half years old when she was diagnosed with this rare cancer and has since undergone a gruelling treatment regime, sadly with some setbacks and no certain light at the end of the tunnel as yet.

Hannah and a friend took part in the Give a Lyttle Walk for Isabella on 26th October, a 30 mile round trip from Bloxwich Memorial Club in Walsall. They completed the challenge, which is not for the fainthearted, in 13.5hrs and Hannah readily admits it was tricky at times and there were tears! She comments, “I really struggled with the last 7 miles and it was my walking companion and all the people who have supported us that kept me going. This was a one off challenge for me, but Isabella faces huge challenges on a daily basis that I can’t even comprehend. Please do support our journey in helping Isabella with hers.”

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