Six pro-tips to maximise productivity for high-frequency publishers.

We are proud to announce that our next breakfast briefing, in partnership with the PPA and Think Productive, will take place on Wednesday 15th May from 9:00 am. The theme for the event is productivity and has been designed for weekly consumer and B2B publishers who are looking for ways to do more with the same resource. 


So, productivity, what is it? Well, here’s what it isn’t, it’s not just a buzz word used by management consultants and company directors. It’s the holy grail of a successful business operation – yes you need skilled and motivated workers – but they need the right processes and systems in place to allow them to shine and be as productive as possible.


For publishers, changing the way you work and putting in the right processes at the right time can kick start the benefits of a truly efficient workflow. Consider what a difference it would make if you could get your publication produced more quickly, more smartly and with the opportunity for it to look better. - Attendees to this breakfast briefing will be given actionable tips to help them do just that!

Who were our guest speakers...

Sean Briggs
Simon Weare
Development director
Richard Mansell
Solutions manager
Hayley Watts
Productivity Ninja

Think Productive are one of the world’s leading time management training providers. Their range of practical, human and straight to the point workshops have been transforming the productivity and wellbeing of leading companies and organizations around the world.

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There were some great takeaway tips from our experts on the day

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