Advertising Sales & Customer Management Platform giving control to managers, finance, classified & field sales teams.

After an assessment of the advertising sales market, future trend predictions and solutions available PCS took the brave decision to build a new system from the ground up to replace the successful ABS system.

This decision was taken to ensure the current and future needs of publishing businesses could be met without the restrictions encountered when bolting on new capabilities to an outdated system not built for modern needs such as digital, data protection and artificial intelligence. By creating a new system from the ground-up PCS can offer bespoke systems, tailored to a publisher’s need, building capabilities onto the core foundations laid by Knowledge Prospect.

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Midland News Association go live with Knowledge Prospect.

PCS, leading publishing software developer, is today announcing that Midlands News Association (MNA) is the first customer to go live with Knowledge Prospect.

A successor to the advertising system ABS, Knowledge Prospect is a brand new advertising sales and customer management platform developed entirely in-house by the PCS team.

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Key features.

Browser based

Work anywhere, anytime and on any device

Remove processes and manual tasks that take up valuable time for both sales staff and administration teams

Reduced admin

Customer profile

Single Source of truth with a global view of customers data.

Highly customisable for individual business needs and fully adaptive based on job function.

User interface

A basket approach to checking out multi-media and multi deadline orders. Creating a single invoice for the customer and streamlining revenue management for the finance and credit control teams.

Multi-media basket


Supports the generation of classified and template display adverts. Allows users to re-book, amend, purchase pre-paid credit and create both private and trade advertisements. Click here to learn more

Built for the future

Knowledge Prospect is built to be adaptable to industry needs now and in the future. It is developed by an established industry organisation that will continue to work on enhancing the platform and will be around for many years to come.

Did you know?

Improve customer


Forge deeper stronger relationships with your clients as sales staff can spend more time with them, with all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Set or monitor key performance indicators, produce management reports and get a real-time picture of the business right now.

Business analysis

Knowledge Prospect fits within the Knowledge Portfolio. These features enable a content first approach by streamlining workflows. For more information on how our products integrate click here.

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