Knowledge Publish gives publishers complete control over the editorial process.

The structure and bespoke privilege settings ensure workflow guidelines are adhered to in-terms of layout, design and utilisation of third party design tools. This control ensures the publication retains its brand consistency, quality whilst managing cost.​

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Key features

Thanks to a robust and resilient object-oriented database, Knowledge Publish can focus on storing content instead of pages with its content first workflow.

Content centric

Simultaneous output to print and multiple digital channels including web, smartphone, tablet and social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as news aggregation sites like Apple News

Multi-channel publishing

Freeform working

Knowledge offers industry standard desk-top publishing integration allowing you to create your pages as required, while maintaining full system functionality, reducing the need for third applications as content is managed in the platform.

Create, format and publish articles directly within Knowledge Publish to your Web CMS and Social Media platforms. Embed rich content into the story, video, maps, social media posts and publish online wherever the story is happening. For more information click here.

Digital editing

Content and complete page PDF’s stored and indexed for easy retrieval from a hugely scalable database.


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Integrated archive

Templated approach

Gain the ability to create your publications from a series of your own house style templates, significantly reducing the time spent producing pages. It enables Freelancers working remotely to be working to corporate styles and guidelines to prevent mistakes.

How PCS integrated with Washington Post's Arc Publishing for Midlands News Association... 

Article level publishing

Enhance your engagement with audiences by seamlessly publishing individual articles to a variety of different digital channels at any stage in the publishing process.

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Knowledge Publish can be used within our portfolio of products. These features enable a content-first approach by streamlining workflows. For more information on how our products integrate click here.

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