Pulse is an advertising production tool for print and digital that allows ad bookings to be made, viewed and modified in Adobe InDesign.

Customisable workflows mean that ads can be controlled by deadline, against positions and classifications or by status in the production process. Close integration with the Knowledge Portfolio means publishers have opportunity to offer fully interactive third party access for 24/7 ad production, making outsourcing management an easily achievable and viable possibility.

Key features

Direct PDF Copy workflow or scan to email, via optical character recognition.

Electronic copy

Automatic job allocation, by deadline or type, from dynamically updating advert queues.

Deadline driven

Web portal

Automatic job Client uploads and validation of complete artwork via the internet, by deadline or type, from dynamically updating advert queues.

Electronic copy-flow via central production centre, either within your own organisation or outsource to another Pulse centre.


A custom watermarked, lo-res PDF output on proof and/or complete. 

Automatic proofing

Extensive auditing & KPI's

Activity driven audit by user, advert, publication and date.

Multi-channel output

Multiple Pre-flight channels providing accurate colour correction and ink management by media type.

Knowledge Pulse fits within the Knowledge Portfolio. These features enable a content-first approach by streamlining workflows. For more information on how our products integrate click here.

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