Remote working

When Pink Floyd released Dark Side of the Moon in 1973, I bet they never thought that people would be listening to their music wherever they were with no physical restraints and probably free of charge!

Here at PCS we feel a bit the same . . . when we began developing workflow solutions for publishers, we never thought how far ahead the industry would have come 45 years later. Gone are the days of journalists gathering news or interviews, travelling back into the office and then filing their copy.

Gone are the days of couriers taking page proofs backwards and forwards for approval. As with music, the physical and geographical restraints have been pretty much removed for publishers.

Teams can work wherever they want, whenever they want whilst still working collaboratively in real time on a publication. This improves productivity, lowers overheads and increases employee automony.

Having the editorial tools in place to create a virtual publishing workflow for your newspaper or magazine means you can employ the right people regardless of where they are and produce your publication regardless of where you are – it is that simple.

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