Reach your customers whatever the weather…

It’s Winter and there are always threats of inclement bad weather that can at times bring the UK to a grinding halt. Whilst the thought of a cosy day at home not being able to get to work is often appealing, it doesn’t help when copy deadlines are looming, pages need to be finished and publications need to reach customers.

The technology we have available to us offers tremendous opportunities, heralded by the introduction of the Ethernet some 45 years ago. If weather conditions stop teams getting to work or bring down office networks, it is imperative to be able to react quickly and keep the show on the road.

Teams need to be able to work remotely, from home or the nearest facilities with WiFi. However, it is much more than that . . . they need to be able to collaborate in real time, effectively replicating what they do at the office from wherever all relevant staff are. There might be late breaking news, last minute ads, changes to page layouts and much more that are all vital elements to the integrity of a publication.

Make sure your customers have what they want this Winter by ensuring your technology can stand up to the elements.

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