45 is the magic number.

Just in case you have missed the news, PCS turn 45 in November. As well as looking how far the industry has come since 1973, we’ve also been examining the number 45. Here are some fun facts for you that might just win you a quiz point one day –

- In geometry, the name of a 45 sided shape is known as a tetracontakaipentagon.

- Sapphire represents a 45th wedding anniversary.

- The number 45 has 6 factors which are 1,3,5,9,15 and 45.

- If you add up the first 10 digits in the decimal number system (0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9) you get 45

- A weight of 45 pounds is equivalent to 20.4 kilograms.

- In 45 years time it will be 2063

- The number 45 has featured in a number of songs including 45 and Fat by Baby Bird, 45 by Elvis Costello and Brimful of Asha by Cornershop.

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