A Publishing Executive Report

A Publishing Executive Report, in conjunction with NAPCO research, was carried out in July 2017 over a 3-week period with 125 respondents. It was a special report on US technology adoption strategies in publishing.

It highlights that the right technology that fits with a publisher’s existing tech stack can yield operational efficiencies, audience growth, cost savings and above all, revenue. The wrong technology can eat up valuable time, resources and mental bandwidth. Or worse, operating in an environment of thin margins and the wrong tech investments today can have strategy and financial implications that ripple for years.

Key points:

  • Top objectives for new technology are revenue, efficiency and website traffic.

  • Agile publishing tools are required.

  • Biggest obstacles to technology adoption are lack of time, lack of budget and interoperability with existing systems.

  • Simple implementation, price and easy adoption drive purchasing decisions.

  • Optimising content is key and technology must make it easy to produce, distribute and monetise.

With technology budgets looking set to increase and a preference to buy rather than build technology solutions, now is the time to work with a partner that can provide solutions that will deliver business benefits now and in the future. The Knowledge platform takes the pain out of publishing and offers a simple browser based modular solution to make content king. As PCS approach 45 years of serving the publishing community with cost effective, scalable, robust and futureproof solutions, why not talk to us about how we can help your business achieve content + audience = revenue.

Click here to read the report.

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