Collaboration vs Outsourcing

The term outsourcing has come under fire in recent years as organisations jumped to take advantage of cheap labour often not carried out by those with knowledge of their industry or even from the same country.

Within the publishing industry, tasks such as ad production were often seen as something that could be outsourced. However, the risks involved far outweigh the benefits with fluctuating currency, inflation and language barriers.

Although the word collaboration is not new, the benefits of this way of working for publishers is perhaps unchartered territory. By working with the right technology partner, you can safely create a collaborative workflow where other publishers with surplus resources carry out task for you that flow into your existing infrastructure.

The risk is minimal but the benefits are significant, with one client experiencing savings of 250 staff hours a week by hubbing.

Want to learn more about the benefits of hubbing from a publisher who has already transformed their business with this model? Join our breakfast meeting at the PPA on the 17th of May 2017. To find out more click here go to our event page.

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