What keeps you up at night? (1/5) Productivity.

Creating the right working environment is crucial, so is the ability to be flexible.

Content is not best generated by people sitting at desks. Giving your team the ability to file, place and design content remotely via a web browser can improve productivity no end. While it can be difficult to gain an accurate picture of how remote working impacts productivity there have been studies showing a 13.9% increase in productivity when employees are free to work from home. This has been attributed to a reduction in distractions and time lost travelling with an increase in employee satisfaction from the flexibility and empowerment of not being tied to the office.

Productivity can also be increased through the automation of tasks within the workflow that don’t need to be manual, leaving staff free to concentrate their time on the creative elements of their role. A recent drive by the Productivity Leadership Group highlighted one way UK businesses can improve productivity is to utilise technological advancements to streamline and speed up processes. With so many solutions out there it is important any publisher looking to use technology to improve productivity clearly outlines their desired business outcomes to potential suppliers and assess what truly fits their needs; not the solution with the most functions which, in some cases, may not have been designed specifically for their industry. If the correct solutions are implemented with the right technology partner it can have a significant, positive, impact on productivity.

If you think technology might buy you and your team more time whilst awake and asleep, please talk to PCS.

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