Summer blues?

Let’s face it; we’ve enjoyed a great Summer, and it’s never easy getting back into the swing of work. However, with the precise tools in place, it is straightforward for team members to catch up on what has been going on from an editorial and advertising perspective. Directly accessible data on article history, client advertising status, flat plans and much more is all available via a browser; so no one needs to feel like they have missed out.

Work ethos should be about everyone enjoying their job and being able to concentrate on the parts of their role that excite and motivate the team. Remove mundane tasks, allow creativity, facilitate remote working and unleash the best your staff have to offer. If you are thinking now it might be the time to launch a new title either in print or digitally; come along to our PPA breakfast briefing on how to get this right in difficult times. Taking place on 8th October, please click here for further information.

In the meantime, if you are considering giving your workflow an overhaul, talk to PCS about how we can help you by clicking here. Merely remember, you can always start researching your plans for next Summer once those cold winter nights set in – brrrr!

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