Templating: friend or foe?

Templating is not a new concept and came about as a way to format consistent page layouts in newspapers and magazines. It promises time savings and improved efficiency but has always caused conflict when it comes to creativity.

Many feel like creativity is stifled or even removed by use of templates, so we would like to explore if this is really the case.

On most newspapers and magazines, there are always certain pages that remain the same on a daily, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis.

The use of templates within these pages will 100% deliver efficiencies, as copy can just be flowed into the templates as required.

Not forgetting that templates can always be tweaked and are most certainly not ruled with an iron bar. So, if all of that formatting happens in a templated and automated workflow – where does that leave us?

The answer is, with more time to be creative on the pages that warrant that level of flair.

Rather than running out of time to spend on spreads and features by getting bogged down with routine page formatting, the majority of time can be given to those key pages.

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