The King is not dead, long live the king!

Content, that is what it’s all about really. Without content you have nothing to publish and without anything to publish you have no publishers, fake news or not.

The identification and generation of content is the role of the journalist and whilst that role is ever changing, the fundamentals are not. The floppy disk brought about a revelation, suddenly you could transfer information from one computer to another and also back up your valuable data. Both those processes have come on in leaps and bounds over the last 45 years with information being transferred in seconds and backup in the cloud becoming the norm.

Every time a piece of content is generated it has a value and should therefore be well looked after. How you store your content and all the information associated with that piece of content is vital. You need to be able to access it at all times and know how to search for it at the touch of a button. There are now ways to store content based on relational concepts not just text and ways of accessing images via visual recognition rather than keywords.

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