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In the first part of our discussion on key driving forces when changing your editorial processes to reflect the pace of the industry, we will look at workflow.

Workflow encompasses the entire way your editorial operation functions. If you get the right procedures in place you can facilitate smoother processes and improved efficiencies by alleviating bottlenecks and reducing cycles.

By removing as many manual processes as possible, staff are freed up to work on developing content. The functionality to create once and publish anywhere is now a reality, delivering a wealth of time and cost savings.

Whatever editorial software you currently use, or choose to adopt, should compliment and support the overall workflow you want to put in place.

That way you are better placed to achieve the overall goals you have set for your business.

An improved workflow will help to facilitate virtualisation and next time we will look at ways that virtualising resources and assets can deliver benefits.

If you would like to find out how PCS solutions support the creation of over 10,000 articles in 500 newspapers and magazines everyday by working with you to design and build the perfect workflow, please contact: 01902 374757 or by email on:

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