Six Strategies for a profitable future in magazine media

17th April 2018, InPublishing Webinar, 2.30pm

Every publisher wants to succeed, grow and produce content that people want to read.  Staying profitable whilst still giving your audience and advertisers what they want is the name of the game.  So, how can publishers achieve this holy grail in the current yet ever-changing landscape . . . ?

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Our expert panellists, linked by webcams, to see which strategies you can apply to ensure you meet your business goals now and in the future.

What was discussed?:

  • Whether paywalls are the best way of monetising digital content

  • The importance of nurturing your team

  • Premium advertising and how to avoid the race to the bottom

  • Why creativity matters

  • Creating and managing channel agnostic content

  • Choosing the right technology to deliver real-time, personalised content

Who we heard from:

Louise is a consultant, writer and speaker. Current work includes consulting director of commercial content at Time Inc as well as working with two digital start-ups. Louise also advises on major charity projects and recently came back from the Hague where she worked with victims of rape in warfare. She was previously a multi-award winning editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan for nearly nine years and editorial director of Hearst UK

Consultant, Writer and Speaker


Andy has been involved in digital media and advertising for over 22 years. He spent 17 years at Auto Trader in a variety of commercial roles, Auto Trader is seen by many by many as a blueprint for digital transformation. After this he spent 2.5 years at Zoopla heading up the business services division before joining MNA as digital MD responsible for digital strategy and accelerating the growth of digital revenues for the group.

Managing Director, MNA Digital


Phil has nearly 30 years’ experience within the publishing industry and has been MD of PCS since 2008, playing a significant part in driving the team to develop and deliver publishing solutions for the industry now and in the future. He was the driving force behind the development of Knowledge Publish, an editorial content management system that every day supports the creation of over 10,000 articles for web, print and digital.

Managing Director, PCS


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