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What keeps you up at night? – Team motivation (4/5)

If you have a great team, you need to keep that team empowered and motivated. By removing unnecessary process and automating all the relevant elements of the workflow, you can provide your team with more time to be creative and utilise their core skills.

Offering the opportunity to work remotely, yet still collaborate in real time, delivers huge benefits not only to staff but to your bottom line.

Telemark Research Network state that 65% of employees reported to be more productive while working from home. They even go on to say that 64% of employees would settle for a pay cut to work from home.

By implementing the right tools for remote working you have the opportunity to reduce office space and equipment overheads, as well as staff being likely to take less time off sick or more chance of staff retention.

What’s more, if the team can work on the publication via a web browser from wherever they are it means they are gathering the best content, forging the best customer relationships and getting job satisfaction all at the same time! If you want to get the best out of your team, please talk to PCS.

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